About Us

The creators of Wax + Wix studios- Brittany Madar and Olivia Hechter are two young sneaker-head fashionistas who have always made their world about fashion and the simplistic aesthetic behind it. They were always amazed how a basic item- from a t-shirt to a candle can really brighten up any room or outfit. After Brittany graduated from her Masters in Fashion in Italy- and Olivia worked at companies like Michael Kors and Aldo in the buying department, both of them combined their brains and love for fashion and knew they wanted to create something that is for everyone. As they both evolved together- so did their love for streetwear- and ideally, sneakers. 

Intrigued by shoe drops and the hype behind it, they created the perfect little gift for anyone- sneaker-head or not. A perfect centrepiece that brings a room together- the perfect gift that is genderless; the sneaker candle.


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